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From sprawling estates to maintenance-free luxury condominiums, Irvine & Newport Beach is teeming with some of California’s most sought-after homes. Living here is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. You’ll find spectacular enclaves in master-planned communities, resort-style condo complexes and many other real estate listings sprinkled throughout these remarkable cities. Because you deserve the best – including a Realtor® who works hard on your behalf - I’ve developed several home buying resources to help you on your journey. Whether you’re still in the process of determining exactly what you need or you’re well into your search, I can help you find the perfect home wherever that may be. Call (949) 922-5477 or contact me online and I’ll get to work for you.

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How Homes are Valued

box-img3 Homes are valued a lot like everything else: They are worth what people will pay for them. The Maybach Exelero, the most expensive car in the world, sells for $8 million because that’s what people will pay for it. By the same token, you can ask for $8 million for your Hyundai, Ford or Chrysler, but don’t count on getting it – you’ll get what the market says it’s worth. So, how do we know what a willing buyer will spend for a house? Although we may never be certain, by looking at the recent past, we can come up with a pretty good idea. This is why the market value of a house is based on sold homes that are comparable in various ways. In other words, it doesn’t matter what amount Tom, the next-door neighbor, lists his house for. The only thing that matters is what Jessica, your former neighbor, got for her house. List prices are fantasies while sold prices are reality.

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