When you’re moving to Irvine, whether you’re buying a home for sale in Turtle Ridge, a house for sale in the airport area, or a home for sale in Central Park West, you’ll be glad to know that the city’s nightlife is a thriving scene.

3 Great Nightlife Hotspots to Check Out When You Live in Irvine

Red Bar and Lounge

Red Bar and Lounge is an upscale hotel bar with lively happy hours and low-light ambiance. The inside of the bar is decorated with modern decor and splashes of red, yellow, and orange and the music consists of top hits. The bartenders make any drinks, both on and off the menu and there’s also an eclectic array of bar food dishes with European and Southeast Asian flairs. Steamed buns, fried brie, ahi poke, and grilled shrimp are all on the menu, as are dozens of craft beers and wines.


Plush is Irvine’s hip karaoke spot for the younger crowd. Each of its 16 private rooms is tastefully decorated and has touch screens for ordering food and drinks. The rooms come in small, medium, large, and VIP, and Plush offers combo “meals” of food, beer, and hours of karaoke time.

YNK – You Never Know

YNK – You Never Know is an otherworldly, speakeasy-type bar. The signature drinks, decor, and atmosphere in this tiny, intimate bar change regularly, so you never know what, exactly, you’ll be walking into until you get there.

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