Replacing a roof can be very costly for homeowners, so having a clear understanding of changes in the shingles or roofing structure can mean the difference between a concern that needs to be monitored, and an issue that requires immediate attention. Here’s what homeowners should look out for.

Curling Shingles

When the edges of shingles begin to curl upward, called “cupping,” it’s very likely that the roof will need to be replaced soon. If the edges of shingles are flat, but the centers rise up, the shingles are considered to be “clawing.” In either situation, the roof will need to be replaced. Other tell-tale signs that a roof has reached its end are shingles that easily crack or break when bent on a warm day.

Bald Spots

Bald spots aren’t just for men. Dark portions on shingles, where the sandpaper-like granules have fallen away, are known as “bald spots,” and are a sure sign that the roof is aging. If bald spots increase in size or become prevalent, the roof should be inspected right away.

Daylight Through the Roof

Seeing the light of day isn’t always a good thing. Rays of sunlight through roof boards is an obvious breach, which is a major concern since rain and snow can penetrate.

Cracked Shingles

Don’t panic at the sight of an isolated handful of cracked shingles. This is indicative of wind damage, and the shingles can easily be replaced. But if cracked shingles are widespread, wind damage may persist and the roof might need to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Sagging Roof

A sagging roof needs immediate professional attention as it may indicate a structural issue. Valleys and dips in the roof can collect damaging rainwater and snow.

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