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Finding new ideas for Christmas décor can sometimes seem like a big job, but don’t worry! You can deck the halls with these fresh takes on holiday cheer.

Use Height and Layers

Draw the eye upward by hanging oversized (handmade or purchased) snowflakes at different heights above a dining room table. Line the table with groupings of tall candlesticks. Frame the perimeter of a fireplace with a thick garland of olive branches, or swag it across for even more elegance.

See Double

Here’s a novel idea. Instead of hanging one wreath on the front door, try two—one above the other, with some space in between. It’ll be a pleasant surprise to visitors. Passersby will do a double-take.

Create an Ornament Wreath

Use different sized ornamental balls to create an original wreath. Pair colors like silver and gold, or traditional red and green. Be a little avant-garde with unexpected shades of pinks and greens, or other complementary colors.

Make an Elegant Centerpiece

Fill a wide, transparent vase with festive shelled nuts and small fruits, like cranberries and kumquats. Place a votive candle in the middle to create a simple, elegant centerpiece.

Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Weave garland around the handrail of a staircase, but don’t stop there. Showcase Christmas cards and family photos by hanging them (frameless) from the garland using red and green ribbon.

Create a Rustic Table Runner

Line pomegranates down the center of a dining room table, leaving spaces between them. Fill in the gaps with pine branches and cones.

Make a Golden Wreath

Go all-out with an eye-catching golden wreath to welcome your guests. Wrap a Styrofoam wreath with a wide band of glittering, gold ribbon. Finish it off with a bow at either the top or bottom.

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