Check Out This Great Kitchen Upgrade Before You Sell

One of the hottest kitchen design trends for 2018 is black cabinets in the kitchen – and if you’re selling your home in Irvine, that can help you earn a little more cash at the closing table.

Black Cabinets

“We’re starting to see more clients eager to break away from the all-white trend, opting for hues that are richer, bolder and darker,” says Rebecca Van’t Hull of Martha O’Hara Interiors in Minneapolis. It’s not just black, though – dark blue and green are popular, too.

“Black-and-white kitchen cabinets help give your kitchen a clean contemporary look, whereas a subdued gray will give you something more elegant and calming to tone down the drama of the black. Too much black, as with too much of any color, can be overwhelming. It really is all in the statement you want to make and the tone and feel you want to convey in the room,” according to HGTV’s Melissa Webster.

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