Are you overtaxed at your residence? Did you know that some Californians are eligible for an exemption if they pay a parcel tax or special assessment? Parcel taxes are paid by property owners when they are approved by voters in their local area. See, most property tax is based on the homes value, but parcel taxes are based on other tings. For example, the size of your lot can determine your parcel tax. Also, the size of your home can determine your parcel tax.

Some home owners qualify for an exemption from their parcel tax and don’t even know it. To find out if you qualify for a parcel tax exemption, just call the local district or agency that imposed the tax. It’s listed on your property tax bill. The California Tax Foundation has an unofficial county-by-county list of some parcel taxes and some exemptions. So, check it out, and good luck! Hopefully, by keeping you informed, we will end up helping you save a little money.

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