Native, drought-tolerant plants can make your Southern California home stand out during times of emergency water restrictions and amidst water conservation efforts that could arise while its listed. There are many places to find drought-tolerant native plants online. Native and drought tolerant plants are water efficient. Plus, they remain a cornerstone of biological diversity in Southern California. Orange County residents utilizing native plants benefit over others because their yards are always looking healthy.

Succulents like aeonium, agave, aloe, anacampseros, euphorbia or sanseveria look good in any Orange County landscape. California yarrow makes an aromatic addition that looks nice as a lawn substitute. Channel Island bush poppy is a gorgeous plant that is native to California, but rarely found in nature anymore. Its heavy bloom of bright flowers contrast its blue-gray foliage. This might be the perfect shrub to get extra attention from potential home buyers. Meanwhile, canyon grey California sagebrush is excellent for controlling erosion or planting in parkways. It even tolerates clay soils. San Miguel Island buckwheat is a gorgeous eye-catcher with tufts of rose pink flower clusters that last from summer until fall. This native plants offers you bragging rights, because butterflies adore it. Whatever landscaping you choose to make your home stand out while selling, choosing native, drought-tolerant plants helps your lawn look its best.

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