If you’ve dreamed of relocating to Orange County, California, we don’t blame you. Did you know that right now, multiple job openings in Orange County exist? Yup! The County of Orange has almost 100 job openings. So, if the thought of being near the 42 miles of gorgeous coastline and beach towns the county offers has always been a dream of yours, just fill out an application. Employment with the County of Orange can lead to many other things. They offer employee training, lateral learning, and the opportunity to move around through any of their 26 agencies. So, if you’ve dreamed of relocating to SoCa, this might provide you with a means. Then, contact Stella Realty to fulfill the dream with the perfect Orange County homestead property!

Full-time Career Openings Available

Here’s a small sample of the many full-time job openings currently listed on the County of Orange’s website:

Air Conditioning Mechanic in Orange County ($76,876.80 annually)

Behavioral Health Nurse in Santa Ana ($70,636.80 – $85,134.40 annually)

Communications Installation Technician in Santa Ana ($39,104.00 – $52,416.00 annually)

Bindery Technician in Santa Ana ($32,676.80 – $43,118.40)

Clinical Social Worker in Orange County ($51,688.00 – $69,659.20 annually)

Correctional Health Services Director in Santa Ana ($123,905.60 – $234,998.41 annually)

County Librarian in Orange County ($123,905.60 – $234,998.41 annually)

Contract/Grant Administrator in Orange County ($55,889.60 – $111,113.59 annually)

Director of OC Animal Care in Orange County ($97,156.80 – $170,622.39 annually)

Parks Animal Keeper in Orange County ($40,060.80 – $54,017.60 annually)

Part-time Career Openings Available

Call Center Supervisor in Santa Ana ($19.45 hourly)

Office Assistant for Vote Center in Santa Ana ($16.90 hourly)

Office Assistant in Santa Ana ($16.90 hourly)

Staff Assistant/Facilitator in Santa Ana ($20.85 hourly)

Does Your Young Adult Child Need To Find Work Too?

If your young adult child needs to find work when you relocate, we have the perfect idea! Orange County Conservation Corps needs young adults ages 18-25 to help with clean-up and recovery from the 2017 wildfires. See, young adults who’ve been unemployed for the last six months and authorized to work in the United States can earn $11 per hour. Workweeks are only 29 hours per week, leaving time for schooling.

Thinking of Purchasing a Home in Orange County, California?

If you’re thinking about buying a home in Irvine or any of the surrounding communities, we can help you find one that’s just right for you. Call us at 949-385-1684 or get in touch with us online to let us know what you’re looking for.

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