Some nonrenewable resources are obvious. Other sources, offered as green energy, may still be technically nonrenewable. If a resource is available in limited quantity, it’s considered nonrenewable. This means that once the resource has been used up, none will remain. It can take over millions of years for the earth to create certain resources, so if they can’t be replaces as quickly as they are used, they are considered nonrenewable.

Oil, also called petroleum, is made from liquefied and fossilized remains of animals and plants that have been dead for millions of years! When our oil on earth is used, it can’t be replaced. Currently, the United States is heavily dependent on oil.

Natural gas is another nonrenewable resource. It’s often considered the greener choice, but its supplied are still limited. Natural gas is made as plants and animals decompose. Our natural gas reserved were made when animals and plants, trapped beneath rock, decomposed millions of years ago.

Coal is not considered green, though it’s the most plentiful nonrenewable resource in the world.Just because its abundant though, doesn’t mean its renewable. Coal is a nonrenewable resource.

Nuclear energy, to the surprise of many, is not a renewable energy source. Nuclear power requires uranium. Uranium is not replenished quickly and has a finite supply on our planet.

California’s largest utility company, PG&E, sources about one-third of its electricity from renewable sources like solar, wind, and geothermal energy. According to the California Energy Commission’ annual Renewable Portfolio Standard report last fall, California’s three investor-owned utilities (Pacific Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and San Diego Gas & Electric) should be offering at least half of their electricity from renewable resources by 2020. It turns out, California is a full decade ahead of schedule.

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