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Environmentally-friendly products are finding their way into every facet of home construction and interior design. From the front porch to the back door, homes are increasingly becoming more sustainable. Here are a few, possibly lesser-known, eco-friendly products.

Sea Balls as Home Insulation

Great balls of fire…retardant. Commonly known as Neptune Balls, Sea Balls are made of circular, matted seaweed fibers that can be used as a sustainable source for home insulation. This harmless material has natural properties that make it flame retardant and perfect for insulating roofs and timber structures.

Recycled Wall Coverings

When it comes to the latest designs in FRPs (from recycled products), wall coverings are becoming increasingly popular, and are available in an array of stylish surfaces that can complement any room. Homeowners can find surfaces that resemble tile, wood, and even linen for kitchens, baths, and living rooms—most are wipeable and have a Class C fire rating. Some companies offer products that contain 20 percent post-industrial recycled content, and are interchangeable with existing FRPs.

Pervious Concrete Pavement

Let it rain, and soak-up the savings with pervious concrete pavement. Pervious pavement captures storm water and allows it to seep through to the ground. Porous concrete plays a significant role in helping to replenish groundwater, reduce storm water runoff, and minimize the load to storm drainage systems. It also helps to meet U.S. EPA storm water regulations. This technology can help eliminate the need for retention ponds, swales, and other storm water management devices. As a result, it can help lower construction costs.

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