Whether you’re looking for a house for sale in Turtle Ridge, a townhome for sale in University Park, or you already live in Irvine or one of the surrounding communities, you might already know that Irvine is a fantastic place to trick-or-treat.

With that in mind, check out these Halloween safety tips from the pros to make sure your little ones stay safe on this special holiday!

Halloween Safety Tips for Irvine Families

  • Plan your trick-or-treating route ahead of time, especially if you’re going to be in an unfamiliar area or if kids are flying solo while you stay behind to hand out candy.
  • Make sure your kids’ costumes are bright and reflective, and if they didn’t come that way, add reflective tape.
  • Put your kids in comfortable shoes. (Okay, this one’s just to save you from carrying the kids on the return trip… we learned this one the hard way.)
  • Skip masks and opt for face makeup instead; masks can hinder your child’s ability to see and breathe.
  • Opt for flexible accessories (like swords and magic wands).
  • Stick to well-lit areas, and don’t knock on doors where the porch light isn’t on.

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