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Lovers of the outdoors and the beautiful climate of Southern California will be
greatly pleased with the four hiking trails in Crystal Cove State Park. A mere twenty
minute drive from Aliso Veijo, the four hiking trails offer a great experience to
novice and advanced hikers alike.

How to Get to Crystal Cove State Park

The Hikes at Crystal Cove State Park

Moro Canyon

The Moro Canyon hike is the easiest of any trail. It requires hikers to walk on fairly
level ground for a good distance, double back, and exit the way they entered.
Time to complete: about 1 hour
Length: 3 miles

Moderate Loop, Moro Canyon

Shorter than the Moro Canyon hike, the Moderate Loop hike leads through the
Moro Canyon, with many inclines and declines throughout.
Time to complete: about 1 hour
Length: 2.85 miles

Difficult Loop, Moro Ridge

The difficult loop trail is a good challenge for any day hiker. With many inclines and
declines, it leads up to the canyon ridge for a beautiful view of the surrounding
Time to complete: about 2 hours
Length: 5 miles

Strenuous Loop, Park Perimeter Trail

This trail encircles the whole park. With short uphill climbs throughout, this trail
offers maximum scenery and the longest completion time. Be ready to spend most
of your afternoon in the great outdoors with this trail.
Time to complete: about 4.5 hours
Length: 9 miles

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