Before the Newport Municipal Pier at Newport Beach existed, McFadden Wharf stood. The original pier was constructed by local land owners during the late 1800’s.  James and Robert McFadden created the wharf to serve as a shipping connection for the family to offload lumber and other goods. It was connected to the Santa Ana and Newport Railway, which allowed more commercial transportation.

The family sold the pier just after the turn of last century to W.S. Collins. Only then did it start to transform into a recreational hub to benefit the residential sector. Once the Los Angeles passenger railway was expanded into the area, it became a tourist destination!

The City of Newport remodeled it in the 1920’s, but in 1939, a hurricane completely destroyed it. Then, the Newport Municipal Pier went up on the site of the old wharf. Now, it is surrounded by restaurants and recreational facilities. The Newport Beach is a favorite destination, located just off the pier.

[Photo courtesy Orange County Archives | CC BY 2.0]

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