The Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE) can help you verify a California realtor’s license. The Bureau serves many functions. For example, it protects public interest in regard to subdivisions. Also, it protects the public interest by increasing consumer awareness. Plus, it helps the real estate industry in expanding its standards while expanding the level of professional ethics. Finally, CalBRE regulates licenses.

Did you know that CalBre, established in 1917, made the very first real estate law in America?

At any rate, CalBRE grants and renews California real estate salespeople and brokers their licenses. In the spirit of consumer protection, the Bureau’s website offers a database search that lets you verify a California realtor’s license. You can look up a license in a couple of ways.

  • To look up a real estate business by address, click here.
  • Alternately, to verify a license by the licensee’s name, the company name or the license number, click here.

Now, if you’re looking for a realtor, broker, or an officer, just enter the last name then a comma followed by even part of the first name.Periods and spaces between initials aren’t needed. You don’t have to type the entire name. You just have to enter at least three letters though to perform a search. Also, if you need to look up a licensed real estate broker employed by another broker or another corporation, it won’t usually show up on the list of affiliated salesperson. Just search for them individually.

Once you find the licensee you’re looking for, the following page will include information like the license status, address and the license expiration date. The license will read either “licensed” or “expired.”

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