Home staging gives you the edge over other sellers. It is very important. Every successful seller of any product on any market considers strategic marketing. Home sales is no different. Would candy hearts be as enticing to buy if they didn’t come in clever packaging on Valentine’s Day? Would Christmas stocking stuffers be as exciting to children if they weren’t offered in a stocking? If you were buying a new car, but the dealership didn’t wash and wax it, would it feel as alluring? When sellers practice good home staging, they are showing potential buyers all the possibilities.

This does matter. Professionally listed homes that have been staged spend about 73 percent less time on the market. It doesn’t always mean a higher ticket price, but it certainly can.  Did you know that on average, properly staged homes result in fewer seller concessions requested?

Now, some people say that staging isn’t needed when there isn’t enough inventory. While that may be true on a larger scale, what if your home and a similar home down the road are both listed. If your home is properly staged to show clients all the the benefits and possibilities of your property, don’t you think your home would be more likely to sell first? Home buyers often look at multiple homes in a day. Sometimes, it comes down to which house simply felt better. They might not know why, but it could be thoughtful home staging.

Anyway, statistics show that home staging works. Anecdotally, home staging works. Yes, it can absolutely be worth it.

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