I Want to Be Home When Someone Shows My House

Things You Shouldn’t Tell Your Listing Agent: I Want to Be Here When Agents Show My House

When you’re selling your home, buyers are going to want to see it before they make an offer – but there’s a catch: They want to see it on their own terms, in their own time.

That means you need to head out the door when people come to see your house.

Why You Shouldn’t Be Home When Buyers Come to See Your House

Buyers want private time in your house to formulate their own impressions and opinions. Sure, they’ll be with their agent, but their agent is in their corner.

Potential buyers can’t talk about what they like – or dislike – about a home when the sellers are present. They’ll feel rushed and like they’re intruding on your space, and they won’t be able to appreciate the details or experience anything but your presence. They may be afraid to ask questions, or worse, discuss how they feel about the house because it might offend you.

Make sure you take your pets with you when you leave, too. Not all buyers are pet-friendly, and some have allergies; you could completely alienate a buyer when you leave a pet behind for a showing.

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