Irvine is an upscale community in Orange County close to some of the best beaches, the mountains, shopping hubs, and fun family attractions. It consists of more than 20 villages that have fairly distinct architectural themes. State of the art transportation systems, a variety of educational institutions and a business environment that supports enterprising have given Irvine the reputation among home buyers as one of the safest, business-friendly communities in the nation.

Irvine encompasses more than 55 square miles and is one of the United States’ largest planned, urban communities, but it offers a family-friendly lifestyle. Parents choose from nationally recognized schools offering a variety of different educational formats. The city offers multiple options for higher education too including the University of California at Irvine (UCI), Concordia University and Irvine Valley College.

Irvine residential home prices range between over 20 million dollars to under a million. Some residential options are available as low as 250,000 dollars.

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