Whether you are a homeowner or a home buyer, knowing how to spot foundation damage can be extremely useful. Most people know to look for cracks in the foundation itself. But did you know you should also watch for wall cracks and chimney damage? Other signs people don’t always consider include doors and windows that don’t open properly and cabinets and counter tops that pull away from the wall. All of these signs can indicate foundation damage.

Of course, not all foundation cracks spell disaster either. Hairline fissures around 1/16″ thick are really common. They are caused by normal settling. But any bigger than that, and you might consider hiring a professional foundation contractor to examine the home.

If you notice stair-step cracks, especially near the corners, call an expert to take a look. Likewise, if you see a horizontal crack in the foundation, you might have a more serious problem. The perimeter of the house might be under too much pressure. If you notice a crack at a 45 degree angle, serious damage could be underway. Get it checked out!  Single vertical cracks can also spell trouble. That can mean your foundation is experiencing foundation upheaval and moving upwards. This can be caused by a soil issue beneath the home or even a plumbing leak beneath the slab.

Keep in mind, if you find something concerning, don’t wait! A professional can examine the structure in less than an hour and save you a ton of money. Maybe you’re buying a home that you should be avoiding or maybe you’re already in the home. Either way, knowing what you’re dealing with is important. If you already own the home, addressing the problem early can save thousands upon thousands of dollars.

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