When you’re buying a home, whether you’re looking at airport area homes for sale, Central Park West homes for sale or Turtle Rock homes for sale, you have plenty of financing options – you just need to know what they are.

Down Payments

You can buy a home with nothing down if you’re using a VA loan, as little as 3.5 percent down if you’re using an FHA loan or a working under a similar program, or as little as 5 percent down with some conventional mortgage loan programs.

The caveat – other than with VA loans – is that you usually have to buy private mortgage insurance if you’re putting down less than 20 percent on a home.

Interest Rates

The best interest rates are only available to people with a good credit history. If you’re not sure what your credit history looks like, get your free credit report through AnnualCreditReport.com, which is authorized by the Federal Trade Commission to provide every American with a free copy or his or her complete report.

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