Newport Ridge

Newport Ridge

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12 Neighborhoods in Newport Ridge:

Elegant, Magnificent Homes: Newport Ridge

Located adjacent to the Newport Ridge District East and San Joaquin Hills Road, Newport Ridge is one of the most versatile, peaceful and serene communities in Irvine. The community, sitting high atop the Newport Coast, is one of the many “Villages” that are beautifully planned in the city of Irvine and spreads out over an area of 971 acres. A winner of “Best in American Living” Grand Award, the community offers an ideal coastal lifestyle to its residents filled with luxury features and amenities.

Gated and immaculately maintained!

The Newport Ridge community has a total of 1,866 home units between 12 diverse enclaves. This includes single-family homes, townhouses, estates, detached homes and condominium units with anywhere between 2 to 5 bedrooms. Some enclaves offer luxury residences with private pools, garage spaces, lofts, breakfast nooks, private backyards and other high-end amenities while other enclaves offer affordable apartment units, making it a diverse residential area, suitable for everyone.