Orange County New Construction Closing Gift Program

Cashgift2-215x200 Working with builders can be difficult if you are not prepared.  They can make a home seem inexpensive, but when all upgrades are added the end price could be tens of thousands more.  With the proper knowledge and preparation the process is simple and you can save money.  There is no need for third party inspections or repairs, and all homes come with great warranties.  The most important thing to note is that this money is not available without representation.  The builders will not give you a discount if you go directly to them.  Their prices are fixed and firm and the commission that is not paid to representation goes straight into the builders profits.

For this reason I have developed The Orange County New Construction Closing Cash Gift Program.  This program will save you thousands of dollars, and in some cases as much as $12,000 cash by receiving a portion of my commission.

One question to ask yourself is do you need Realtor representation for purchasing a new home?

  •  Well in reality the end result is the same.
  • There is no negotiating purchase price on new homes.(builders pricing is firm)
  • Also, there is no difference in incentives if you go directly to the builder or get referred by a Realtor.
  • A great upside is that you get a second opinion on your loan options and purchase options from a professional who does not work for the builder
  • I will also get you relevant information so you do not get misled
  • I am willing to the visit home site on your behalf take and send you pictures and gather all information of upcoming phases incentives and so forth.
  • Basically I can do all the leg work for you so that you can be best informed with no extra cost on your end.  (the builder pays me and I pass a portion of that over to you.  The price does not change and neither do the incentives!!!!)

Simply call me at or send an email by clicking here.  I have every floor plan, price, and brochure for all new developments(I also have pictures).  See why people love The Orange County New Construction Closing Gift Program. Orange County

New Construction Closing Cash Gift not to exceed 25% of total referral fee.