Several Orange County Central Corridor improvements are slated to begin soon and through 2021. These changes should significantly help free up congestion along Rt. 55. They’re the result of the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017.

Here are the changes we should expect:

  • Five zero-emission hydrogen buses will be added to the Bravo! Main Street Rapid Bus fleet.
  • Warner Avenue will see traffic light synchronization of 42 signals along a 14.4 mile stretch.
  • Traffic light synchronization of 26 signals along MacArthur Blvd. is also planned.
  • Also, 41 signals on a 12.2 mile stretch of Edinger Ave. will be synchronized to improve traffic flow.
  • Almost a mile long bikeway construction is planned for Santa Ana: Warner Avenue Class II Bikeway Project
  • A one and a half mile bikeway in Tustin will be constructed: Red Hill Class II Bikeway Project
  • The Newport Avenue Class II Bikeway Project will result in the construction of nearly a mile of bikeway in Tustin
  • Santa Ana – Santa Fe Channel Class 1 Bikeway will see construction of a half mile bikeway in Tustin

With the synchronization of traffic lights, the addition of multiple bikeways, and the addition of several more buses, significantly less congestion along Rt. 55 can be anticipated in the near future! To see other improvements under the Congested Corridors Program planned for the coming years across the state, click here.

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