Orangetree Listings


Located next to Irvine Valley College

The Orangetree is a smaller community in Irvine California that comprises of condos and attached homes. It is believed to be one of the most reasonably priced neighborhoods in all of Irvine. It features five separate communities and amenities include tennis courts, basketball court, two sophisticated association pools & spas and Orangetree Park. It is ideal for families with medium income but the facilities are well maintained due to presence of an attentive Home Owner’s Association. There are two churches in Orangetree as well namely Voyagers Bible Church and Pacific Church. The location is very ideal for students and teachers as award winning Irvine Valley Community College is located next door.

Orangetree features 5 separate communities:

The community is named after the vast orange grove that was once across the Orangetree but now it is replaced by a first-class Oak Creek Golf Club. The developed community of Oak Creek is located next to orangetree. Schooling dinning shopping becomes convenient when location is so happening. The nearest shopping centers are Irvine village shopping center and Orange Tree Square Shopping center which have several businesses, fitness center, shops, restaurants, salons and boutiques. Orangetree elementary and high schools are also available.