Sprucing up the landscape around a home is one every home sellers to-do list. Yet, do you know which perennial flowers both perform well in Southern California and help sell houses? Here are three of our favorites.


A vast variety of roses can grow in the Orange County area. Realtors know that ever-blooming roses are a smart choice when preparing to sell a home. Roses are well-loved and can survive in this area even during times of little rain. Roses can be trained to resist even droughts. The trick is to establish deep roots by watering deeply, but only occasionally. Allow the soil to dry between waterings and your roses will thrive in this climate.


Lavender needs full sun and well-drained soil. That’s about it. In our area, Spanish lavender (Lavandula stoechas) is the most reliable of all the lavenders, many gardeners say. The scent is relaxing. The flowers can be used for culinary purposes, and they need very little maintenance to maintain their beauty.


Not all lilies thrive in this area, but daylilies certainly do. They are usually considered the most-loved perennial in the West. These flowers require virtually no maintenance. Pests don’t really ever harm them. Actually not much can. You can run over them with a lawn mower and they’ll be back before long.

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