If you plan to move, installing solar panels might seem like a very unwise choice. After all solar panels are an investment in your own energy saving, right? Well, it turns out that first time home buyers are willing to pay a lot more for an entry-level home with solar panels already installed. The latest data shows that millennial home buyers purchasing  entry-level homes are willing to pay up to 40 percent more than expected for a home with solar panels ready to go.

Tax Credit For Solar Panels

Here’s something else to think about: Until 2019, you’re entitled to a tax credit worth 30 percent of the cost of the solar panels you install on your home. So, they may not be as expensive as you’re thinking. If you install solar panels this year, you can still get in on this huge tax credit. Then, if young home buyers are willing to pay much more for their first home if it has solar panels already installed, these might make a sound investment, even if you plan to sell.

California has ample solar energy generating potential. Plus, California Solar Initiative also encourages solar power in California. Check out this web page for a complete list of solar incentive programs in California.

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