Living in Newport Beach means you have access to all the finest things in life, and that includes one of the greatest spots to surf. The Wedge is a surfer’s paradise. It offers the biggest swell in Southern California. If you don’t love access to some of the best amenities California has to offer, then Newport Beach might not be for you. This community offers the best views, the best shopping, and -yes- the best surfing.

Surfers love that The Wedge offers potentially 30-feet waves. Some people visit The Wedge, not to surf, but to admire the surfing scene. Some of the most skilled bodysurfers come out to this spot. Many admirers photograph or videotape impressive sets. The best times to find the highest waves are during the summer and fall.

Incidentally, it’s also a hot spot for local residents to enjoy the sunset as the light falls below the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.

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