We already wrote about the Wedge, a surfer’s paradise. It offers the biggest swell in Southern California, sometimes 30-foot waves! But the area has multiple surfing spots! For example, Trestle Beach offers some of the best surf spots around. Experienced surfers who love powerful, hallow waves frequent the Trestles.

The Lower Trestles, also known as just “Lowers,” are the location of both a pro surfing contest and the National Scholastic Surfing Association Nationals. Middles acts as a safety valve wave for the Trestles. It offers a good break, but it’s not as fun as the other breaks. Keep in mind, these spots are favorites among locals, so sometimes they get crowded. Generally, surfers are respectful and courteous though. So, Trestle Beach offers surfers a very good day at the beach. If the other Trestles are too crowded, head to Middles and you will still enjoy yourself especially with light-moderate Santa Ana East winds.

Check out this YouTube video of surfing on Trestles:


Interestingly, Trestles is right there in the midst of Camp Pendleton, the world’s largest Marine Corps base since 1942!

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