Mandeville at West Irvine

Mandeville at West Irvine

Mandeville at West Irvine Listings


It is a condominium tract built by Lennar Homes in year 2001. It comprises of 132 attached units. It has five double story floor plans. Residence 1 is only 2 bedroom design with 2.5 baths on 1459 square feet. Residence two, three and four feature: 3 bedroom and 2.5 bathrooms on 1469 to 1498 square feet of living space. Residence 5 has four bedrooms and three full bathrooms and its area is 1940 square feet. 2 car garages come with every unit. Residence three is almost same to residence 2 in design and built but residence three has an extra loft.

Mandeville at West Irvine Floor Plans


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