Culverdale at Westpark

Culverdale at Westpark

Culverdale at Westpark Listings


It is a large tract with 456 homes built by Grant. There are total of eight floor plans offering 2 to 5 bedrooms, 1.5 to 2.5 bathrooms and garage space for two cars. The size ranges from 1006 to 2350 square feet. Half of the homes are single level while rest is double level home. Two bedroom homes incorporate open kitchen and family room. The three bedroom homes also make full use of the space and living rooms have cozy fireplace. These homes are ideal for people who do not cater large gatherings because they lack formal dining rooms but that space is utilized in kitchen and bedrooms. Every floor plan has a distinctive quality of their own some have service area in kitchen, in some two bedrooms share same bath, some have extra storage space, hall dressing room etc. the largest two floor plans containing five massive bedrooms have dining rooms sundeck and option of bar in kitchen.

Culverdale Floor Plans


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