Chateaux at Woodbridge Listings


This condominium tract is located on inside of the four lane loop road. There are total 208 units. Chardonnay 1145 square feet issingle level floor plan located on ground floor. It has a small garden at front and two car garage on backside. It has only one bedroom with attached bath and dressing area. Dining and living are separated by a wall with fireplace. Kitchen has laundry area while powder room den and atrium are also present. Riesling 1362 square feet condo is also single level home so there is plenty of other rooms like study, sundeck, atrium living dining and kitchen. Zinfandel 1296 square feet is single level with two bedrooms, two baths, living dining kitchen yard two car garages and yard. Bordeaux 1600 square feet has garden 2 car garage atrium living with fireplace dining kitchen and den on ground floor and both bedrooms are located on level two.

Chateaux Floor Plans


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