Sometimes clients tell us they don’t want to pay for a quality home inspection. They mention that with all of the other expenses, the extra hundreds of dollars is not affordable. Look, we understand that it seems like a waste of money to have a home inspector perform a quality inspection on a house that isn’t yours yet. Still, it is important. Unless you are professionally trained to notice defects and clues that could cost you thousands of unexpected dollars down the road, hire an inspector to do a complete inspection. Roof damage, hidden water leaks, electrical problems, pests and mold could make you wish you never bought a house. Sometimes, these things get costly quickly.

A professional inspector can point out issues and specify the severity of the problem, so that you can make a choice that you can live with.

A trained professional performing a quality inspection will look for proper grading away from the home, leaks in the septic field, landscaping problems, railings, structural damage, bowed windows or doors, insulation, appliances, plumbing, and much more.

If you aren’t a professional, don’t rely on your own judgement. If $400-$500 can save you from needlessly spending $20,000, it’s a good investment. If they find no issues, at least you have the peace of mind.

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